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Janelle King 

If we don't do it, who will? 

Welcome to "The Janelle King Show," where we're breaking through the silence and getting real about the topics others shy away from. Formerly known as "Let's Talk About It with Janelle King," we've undergone a stylish transformation for easier access to the conversations you crave. I'm your host, Janelle King – Fox 5 Atlanta Panelist on "The Georgia Gang," and Political Commentator with over a decade of behind-the-scenes experience. The only way to avoid political apathy is to remain authentic even when it's unpopular. Here, we're not dancing around the elephant but giving it center stage. From insightful research episodes to engaging interviews, we dive headfirst into the discussions that demand attention. Join me, Janelle King, as we unapologetically tackle "The Elephant in the Room" – because some topics are too big to ignore!

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