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Meet Janelle 

The Full Story

I am a Believer in Jesus Christ

I am an American

I was born in the North... Raised in the South

I'm a wife, bonus mom, daughter, sister, Aunt, and friend

I found my politics in college upon researching Black American history

I live in the state of Georgia

I am a TV and Radio Personality;

Fox 5 Atlanta's The Georgia Gang

Fox News Channel Commentator

Radio host and Podcaster

A believer in Humanity.. the good, the bad, and the ugly; I believe it all

I trust the science of creationism


There are only 2 genders, Capitalism works, Traditional Values aren't a recommendation it's the way, and Politics is personal 

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“Beyond the threat of Socialism or Communism; we have a bigger threat, hypocristy

"The family is the backbone of a strong society and country"

Kelvin King

(my honey)

My project-3 (1).jpg
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