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Tusk Talks 

Welcome to "Tusk Talks" – the hub for your thoughts and input! This is where your voice shapes the dialogue. Share your feedback, and reflections, or suggest topics that spark your interest. Your insights drive the conversations we explore. Tusk Talks is more than a page; it's a collaborative journey, and your input is the compass guiding us forward. Join us in shaping the narrative – let the tusks resonate, and let the talks unfold!

...One more thing: be nice!

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Go Janelle Goooooo!


I wanted to share an idea with you about how to get past the censorship of the mainstream media to get important ideas to the everyday folks who are not political junkies. This idea is for the 2024 presidential election. The RNC should:

1. Buy every billboard in every swing state from now until election day.

2. One teaser idea per billboard so incredibly compelling that folks will follow a QR code or short link to read more.

3. Link to a web page that explains the idea in an equally compelling manner. The web page is also a printable flyer that people could print and give their family and friends.

4. Backing up the 'flyer' web page is another detailed page with all the facts, data, links needed to argue the case convincingly. The flyer will have a QR code and short link for the page with the backup data.


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I think this is a great idea! Its going to take creative ideas like this to get the message out there. I will speak with our team with our organization about this idea.


Jan 30

How did you select the name "tusk talk" for your collaboration and feedback forum?

Replying to

Great question! Tusk= Elephant = Republican, that's obvious. There is a deeper perspective to consider. The majority of my listeners lean conservative, which means most discussions involve conservatives or are with a conservative.

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